What to expect when you're expecting Dookie Platters.

A helluva good time, for starters.   I grew up on A-town hip hop but you can find me dancing to funk, soul, reggae, and just about everything else.  From classic tunes to current hits, my vinyl crates run way deep.  Send me a message and we can start  planning the perfect soundtrack to your event.  I'll provide all the gear we need and work directly with event planning and venue staff.

Classic. Unique.

Motown hits, disco and funk burners, 80s jams, R&B sing-a-longs.  Let's take it back to sharing headphones on the schoolbus and dance-offs in the gym.  Let's dig deep for that groovy bassline that sparks a fire under your feet and makes you RUN to the dancefloor.  Let's see if mom and dad can still show you a thing or two about gettin' down.


I love love and I want to celebrate with you!  I'll be your DJ, your emcee, and your party-starter.   So y'all met at a drag show?  Found love in the walk-in cooler at work? Accidentally swiped right???  I wanna know your story and all of your favorite songs so we can plan the flawless reception.

Two turntables and a microphone.

Professional gear and a well curated record collection combine to bring you loud and clear, high-quality sound.  Like a perfect drum break, I've boiled down the party essentials to their essence, ensuring that you only pay for what you need at your perfect event. Of course, we can add laser lights, disco balls, and all the bells & whistles if you'd like.  I've also added a karaoke library if you and your guests want to sing along! Just let me know how I can serve you in your quote request.